Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff

Debora Cossee – General Manager

Desirée Botting – Professional Division Registrar & PTP Support Services

Helen Wells – Recreation Division Coordinator & QBSC Promotions

Rachal Renwick – Evening Office Administrative Support

Charles D’Amours – Building Maintenance

Student Support Team

QBSC strongly believes in the importance of a healthy mind and body in the production of a successful dancer. To this end, students have access to a broad range of professionals including nutrition counsellors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, peak performance psychology, to name a few. QBSC is excited about the partnership it has created with Physio One at Quinte Orthopaedic and Rehabilitaion.  As Belleville’s premier sports medicine clinic, the students have access to the skills and expertise of a staff dedicated to providing them with the best in therapeutic care and injury rehabilitation.

Dr. Ian Feltham – Physician

Jill Pascoe – Physiotherapist

Massage Therapy – Quinte Orthopaedic and Rehabilitaion

Athletic Therapy – Quinte Orthopaedic and Rehabilitaion

Osteopathy – Quinte Orthopaedic and Rehabilitaion

Kelly Carroll- QBSC Liaison, Centennial Secondary School

Shannon Alexander – Guidance Counsellor, Centennial Secondary School

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