Professional Division


Professional Training Program

If you have the talent, drive and determination to become a professional dancer, our Professional Training Program (PTP) is designed to provide you with innovative training, connect you to the dance world and support you every step of the way to become the dancer you want to be.


Our Approach

The PTP curriculum is focused on teaching creativity and intelligence, while empowering students to take responsibility for their work and their careers. You will receive instruction from experienced performing artists who are professionally accredited and recognized experts in their disciplines. Your training will focus on building a sound classical ballet technique, while exposing you to a variety of other dance styles to ensure your versatility.

You will be guided and educated as to how you will interpret music and choreography; who you will be in the studio; and what role you will take in the creative process and in your training. The instructors will provide you with guidance, information, choices, boundaries and opportunities. You will bring the engagement, energy, commitment, desire and goals. Together, we will help you be the dancer you want to become.

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Program Levels

QBSC accepts aspiring young dancers between the grades 6 and 12. Students are placed within levels of the program based on ability.


Students are required to take the full program appropriate for their level. The program is comprised of three semesters annually: 1st semester: September -January 31; 2nd semester: February 1-June 12, and Summer Dance: throughout the month of July. The curriculum includes the following:

  • Ballet Technique
  • Pointe Work
  • Classical Repertoire
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Modern
  • The study and performance of Repertoire and new creations


The ‘Quinte’ Dancer

As a result of an unique instructional approach, QBSC students become self-sufficient, independent thinkers capable of carving out their own path. They are creative, critical and analytical individuals. Graduates are renowned not just for their technique, creativity and versatility, but also for their professionalism, discipline and work ethic.

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