From Ballet and beyond, QBSC has many classes to enjoy!
Come and move to the music, get fit, get dancing!

Please note that age range is a guide only, and placement is determined at the instructor’s discretion and based on the student’s age and level of experience and physical development.

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Quinte Ballet School of Canada’s Ballet Program is taught with a focus on developing the ballet vocabulary emphasizing posture, alignment and technique, while developing expression, musicality and artistry.  All Ballet classes are scheduled twice weekly.

 The RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) is offered to levels Primary through Ballet 4 currently, and is optional.
Visit ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE for more information on QBSC’s program.

Ages: 6 – 8 yrs old
Duration:  45 minutes

Ages: 7 – 11 yrs old
Duration:  60 minutes

Ages: 10 – 14yrs
Duration:  75 minutes

Ages: 14rs +
Duration:  90 minutes


Pointe classes focus on developing an understanding of the art of pointe work.
Students wishing to take Pointe classes must be enrolled in 2 senior level ballet classes (ballet 4 or 5) per week.

Pointe 1:  Beginner Level (Ballet 4)
Pointe 2:  Intermediate Level (Ballet 5)
Duration:  Both levels are 30 minutes

An ideal class to complement intermediate and senior levels, this is a more lyrical dance style with strong ballet foundation, to a background of popular music.
*Must have ballet experience.  Ballet class prior is strongly recommended.
Age Range:  Ballet levels 3 to 5
Duration:  60 minutes

Students will be instructed in the jazz technique, focusing on rhythm, movement, posture, placement and coordination.  this fun and interesting dance class is a great complement to ballet.

Beginner Jazz:  Ages 6 to 9
Duration:  45 minutes
Jazz 1:  Ages 9 to 13
Jazz 2:  Ages 14+
Duration for levels 1 and 2:  60 minutes

An urban dance art form based on current pop music and culture.  This is a popular and energetic class that does not require previous experience.  Students will develop coordination and learn complex choreography.

Junior:  Ages 7 to 11
Senior:  Ages 12+
Duration for both levels: 60 minutes

This enjoyable class is a great way to develop your coordination, musicality and rhythm.  This is a fun, expressive and rewarding dance art form that is currently making a big come-back.

Beginner:  Ages 7 to 10
Tap 1:  Ages 9 to 12
Tap 2 (experience required):  Ages 12+
Duration for all levels:  45 minutes

A pre-primary ballet level to explore dance through creative movement, music and rhythms.

JD 1:  Ages 4 to 5
JD 2:  Ages 5 to 6
Duration for both levels:  45 minutes

A fun and interactive class of play-acting, movement instruction, imagination and music in a studio setting.

Ages 3 to 4 (must be 3yrs at the time of registration)
Duration:  45 minutes



QBSC has a dress code for all Junior Dance and Ballet class levels.  Leotards, footwear and boy’s clothing can be purchased locally and through online stores.

For non-ballet classes and adult classes, loose and comfortable clothing is recommended, and non-skid, non-marking indoor athletic shoes, ballet slippers or socks are required.

A complete list of the dress code and retail stores can be found here … DRESS CODE