Intensive Training Programs

Professional Training Program at QBSC

This Summer Dance Program is intended for those wishing to pursue a career in the dance field.

Attending this program is the second part of your audition for entrance into our Full Time Professional Training Program. The Summer Dance Professional Training Program gives faculty and students an opportunity to work together in a studio environment to see if QBSC and our full time training is the right fit for you as an emerging artist.

Summer Dance provides you with a challenging and rewarding dance experience in a safe and creative community, allowing you to explore your passion for dance.

This program is also the “third term” for our current Professional Training Program students, providing an opportunity to focus solely on their dance and stay in top physical condition while on break from academic classes.

Entrance to the Professional Training Program is by audition only.  If you would like to take part in an audition class, we have many audition dates and locations across Canada to choose from. You can also submit your audition by DVD or online. Please visit our Auditions page to for more information.

Open Training Program at QBSC

The Open Training Program (OTP) is designed to provide a challenging and fun Summer Dance experience for students who want to visit QBSC and dance with the highly qualified faculty.  The program is designed for students who love dance, but are not necessarily looking for a full time professional program.  However, there is the possibility that the faculty will see a student with particular talent and give them the option of switching to the Professional Training Program.
An audition is not a requirement for attending this program, just register and enjoy a summer of dancing and fun.

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