Albert College Residence

Historical Home Away From Home

For the past 20 + years, the Quinte Ballet School of Canada has had the privilege of using the residential facilities of Albert College for Summer Dance students.  Albert College was founded in 1857 and is Canada’s oldest coed private school. This beautiful and statuesque structure looks out towards the Bay of Quinte and is located in close proximity to QBSC.

The residences at Albert College have common rooms with TV/DVD equipment, gaming equipment, lounge furniture, laundry facilities and areas for making light snacks. All rooms are wired for computer access to the Internet.  The rooms themselves vary between single and double occupancy.  A complete staff of counsellors provides supervision for the Summer Dance students.


photo credit: Dean Buscher

One of Albert’s many fine features is its beautiful dining room, Ackerman Hall. This great hall has seen many students over the years dine within its majestic walls. Albert College offers a full array of choices including a salad bar at every meal and fresh baked goods including muffins, croissants and dinner rolls, and home made pies. The menu is planned with consideration being given to the students’ eating preferences, with menu choices such as soups, pasta dishes, and vegetarian selections being some of the favourites. Ackerman Hall is fortunate to have a dedicated staff with years of experience to provide a happy, healthy environment for the students.

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