Homestay Testimonials

“I will never forget the day in August 2017 when my daughter Jessica decided that she would move to Belleville to attend QBSC. Although I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity for her I was also very, very nervous that she would be leaving our home at the age of twelve. I always knew my children would grow up and move out I just didn’t expect it to be so soon. After a good family cry on the back deck my husband and I told Jessica we would help support her dream in anyway   possible and that meant letting her go.

At first it was very difficult to put my trust in another family and I had many questions. Would she be fine, happy, loved, included? I put my faith in QBSC and with much help and guidance from Desiree Botting we found a home for Jess. To be honest the first couple of months were tough, not on Jessica but on me but, my trust in her homestay family grew and I became more confident in having Jessica away. The past two years Jessica has lived with two amazing families. All my questions have been answered. She is happy, loved, cared for and included in family activities. I love that even though she is away from our family she still has a family life where she is. It is like she has another family in Belleville including grandparents. I am so very proud of the decision Jessica made and I will love QBSC and her host families for loving and caring for her.” 

Ellen MacDonald, mother of PTP student

Our first experience with a homestay is very positive for our daughter. The Gilbert home is very relaxing, clean and fun for our daughter. The homestay mom, as we call Stephanie, demonstrates a great combination of supervision without hovering and guidelines or house rules for day to day living. Our daughter is thriving in her new school and in her new home away from home. We can text messages to Stephanie and her to our daughter to keep the communication open. They have a fabulous golden doodle which our daughter loves to see every day. The meals and lunches are wonderful, and we have found that our daughter has expanded her pallet to new foods while living away. Our daughter can have friends over for homework dates or fun sleep overs with a very positive relaxing time. We could not have had a better experience with the Gilbert Family. “

– Sue Cymbaluk, mother of PTP student

 “My daughter has been a part of the PTP program at QBSC for three years. Homestay has been such a positive experience for her as well as the entire family. Her homestay family is a second family to her and has become an extension of our own family as well. We are lucky and thankful to have found such wonderful people to take care of our daughter and treat her like their own. Our relationship with them is one for life.”

– Melissa Strangway, mother of PTP student

” Our  homestay has been a very positive, reassuring experience.  Both our homestay placements have been safe, caring and supportive. I would  advise to new parents to keep communication open and to be able to speak honestly about concerns and   comments. A main concern of mine was to make sure that food was optimal and met the necessary requirements for the nutritional needs the girls need at this high level of intense workouts. It is tough to have that level of openness with the home stay parent sometimes but we started right away with the second home we were in and there have been no complaints. We also keep communication open about transportation and visiting times.  

I have a very independent daughter which helps but they also learn to ask for things and learn to be more independent as they often wash their own clothes and do some of their own cooking. Less worry for our children means more focus on dance and school.” 

– Bev Melymick, mother of PTP 2018 graduate

“Our experience with the homestay program contributed greatly to our overall    positive experience with the Quinte Ballet School . We are grateful to the amazing families who have so kindly opened their homes and shared their lives with our daughter for the three years that she attended QBS. The possibility to live in a welcoming family environment provided her with a support system, guidance and security. This has given all of us comfort and reassurance  while having her so far away from home.”

Amanda Young, mother of  PTP student

“It is hard having our daughter live away from home at such an early age but the strong billet program has dispelled any worries I may have had. It provides a warm, caring environment with balanced meals, a clean home, transportation where ever needed, a liaison with the school and parental like guidance when required. 

I couldn’t say enough. The school and the homestay program are second to none.”

– Eydie Vandenberg, mother of PTP student

“ I moved across the country at 12 years old to attend QBSC. Having a family to live with has made it so much easier. I feel like I have a home here.”

– Shae Jones

“My homestay is easy to talk to and makes me feel comfortable and safe in her home.”- Melenka Kustec

“Our Homestay parents really make us feel like we are a part of their family, and are always willing to drive us places!”   -Chantel Strangway & Meghan West, PTP students


“My homestay’s are very welcoming people who have made me feel a part of their family.”Lauren Crowder